OUR MISSION: Clean Water Through Intelligent Systems & Designs




GWT manufactures and distributes High Performance Water Filtration Systems that answer the call for Global Water Treatment. Our company’s principal purpose is to create mechanical filtration systems that remove harmful particles from water. The complete range of GWT packaged designs provides incomparable filtration for industrial, commercial, residential, and rural applications. Our growing list of products supplies eco-friendly alternative filtration systems designed to improve final water quality both wherever and however water is used.

GWT’s corporate offices are located East of the Lake Tahoe Ridge in Reno, NV. With a passion that’s built into our community for protecting clean water supplies, every system we build provides an efficient solution in the age of smart water design. We are proud to offer American made filtration systems designed to eliminate water problems that can help preserve fresh water supplies for the individual and the community. GWT’s solutions have led to a number of successful installations throughout North America that have helped multiple industries and facilities save millions of gallons of water.

We want to help everyone meet their water supply and conservation goals. There’s no challenge that’s too big or too small for GWT, because when it comes to water, every drop counts.



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