A Solution for Significant Savings



SAVE WATER by using 50% less water for backwash cycles compared to traditional filters. Improved water quality also reduces the need for fresh system makeup water by extending the life of existing process water.

SAVE CHEMICALS by 20% or more. Chemical effectiveness is improved when systems operate with clean water. Revolution HEF systems also have GWT’s Bacteria Control System to reduce micro-organism colony levels, helping further minimize the use of biocides.

SAVE TIME by cutting hours of avoidable maintenance time and repair work that directly result from dirty process water. Revolution HEF systems provide 24 x 7 performance with minimal labor requirements, reducing overall labor costs and down-time to help maximize productivity.

SAVE ENERGY by 10% or more through improved thermal transferability in heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, and coils. Revolution HEF systems also use energy efficient pump motors for total energy savings.

SAVE MONEY by saving Water, Chemicals, Time, and Energy.


Clean water is the solution for many of the common problems within facility equipment. By providing HEF systems to our customers that offer sub-micron filtration, GWT provides real financial savings by helping conserve water, energy, labor, and other resources.


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