The Need for HEF




There are over 500,000 chemically treated cooling towers in the United States alone. New ASHRAE standards make bacteria control critical while 2014 USEPA regulations place restrictions on waste water expulsion. 

Is your facility ready for the new wave of environmental and regulatory challenges?

Experts know that there is a direct correlation between water quality and mechanical/process system performance. Systems that operate with clean water perform better and require less down-time for service and repair.

Comprehensive field testing reveals that 80-90% of suspended particles generally found within a process water loop are finer than 5 microns (0.000005 meters). It is important to note that most filtration systems in use can only remove particles down to the 10 micron threshold (Sand Filters 10 µm, Mesh Screen Filters 10 µm, Centrifugal Separators 40 µm). By allowing particles that are < 10 microns to continue passing through the system, a cumulative buildup over time creates undesirable turbidity within the water and a sludge layer effect that reduces mechanical performance.

PITTING/CORROSION is caused by particles as little as 3 microns

BIO-FOULING is caused by microbes as little as 1 micron

GWT Removes particles to the Sub-Micron Level (0.5 nominal rating)

GWT High Efficiency Filtration Systems provide sub-micron filtration performance to help fight against the common problems with industrial process water. By eliminating these particles from a water loop, HEF Systems help prevent system sludge, bio-film development, and accelerated mechanical failure.

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