For Removal of Fine Solids (down to 0.5 µ)

High Efficiency Filtration (HEF) uses a sand/gravel media with Cross Radial Flow technology for Sub-Micron Filtration Results. The core vessel of Revolution HEF System requires a smaller pump motor compared to traditional sand filters and uses less than half the amount of water to backwash. Revolution HEF Systems vary in size, from 20 GP and up. and feature a completely automated robust design.

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Removes Dissolved Solids (TDS Treatment)

A widely used and practiced form of water treatment, ElectroCoagulation (EC) uses electrical current and electrodes to create a release of statically charged flocculent that helps extract chemicals, hydrocarbons, oxides, and other dissolved solids from water. EC creates naturally formed solids that are later removed via filtration. In conjunction with Revolution HEF Systems, the GWT dissolator creates a clean water supply from reclaimed water for local reuse. System flow rates and treatment designs vary.

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Large Particle Filtration (down to 10 µ)

Improve water clarity and extend the run-time between HEF System backwashes. Larger suspended particles are no match for the 3D Line Shield, a fully automated multi-stage screen filter system. Through its intelligent design, the 3D Line Shield has minimal backwash requirements and can be used in front of a Revolution HEF System, or as a stand-alone defensive piece of equipment for systems with flow rates as low as 20 GPM.

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For Water Recycling & Water Conservation

Minimize on-site water use with the affordable and economical BWR System from GWT. This system features a polyurethane holding tank with automated open/close, and return valves that are controlled through other GWT system control panels. Each tank holds up to 12,500 gallons of water, with a series of tanks utilized for larger volume systems. After final treatment, the reclaimed water in the BWR System is returned for on-site makeup water use in process water, greywater, and irrigation water lines. Potable BWR Systems are also available.

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